Doc Ventura

Writer, Singer, Arranger, Guitarist, Radio Host

First, Doc is not a Doctor. He's more like Doc from the novel "Cannery Row". That's what he'll tell you.

Actually the name comes from a love of Doc Watson, a great influence on this Doc. 

He is also influenced by blues masters, the older the better such as Charlie Patton, Son  House, Skip James "It's all there in the roots" he likes to say.

He came of age in Chicago, met Muddy and Howlin' Wolf back in their prime, and developed an ear for it.

When playing covers he can show tremendous range, but it will always be the deep down blues that guides him, helps him move on.

He can provide background music, uptempo classic blues or rock it and keep everybody happy. 

In addition to solo and band performances, he is a member of the  California juke-joint trio named "Delta by the Beach". He sings, plays baritone guitar and writes songs and performs with them regularly. This band has released a dozen songs on Spotify and has had over 250,000 plays.

He also performs with the popular "Milo Sledge Trio". 

Using his voice and guitar he has performed many concerts, clubs, breweries, wineries and restaurants all over Ventura, Santa Barbara and Central Coast, LA counties.

In a previous life he was a hard-core acoustic fingerstylist.Starting in the late '90's he composed and performed original acoustic music, eventually resulting in a record deal with APR.

He has four solo albums  "Mystifying Oracle Goodbye", "Box of Kenosis","Toyland" and "Toyland II", all released by the Aurora Pacific Records Company.